is started with a vision of connecting Fruits, Vegetables & Grocery from farms to the homes of consumers. In this pursuit, along with increasing the consumer base, we are also working on creating a community supported agriculture proposition for farmers. In simple terms we are working on a farmer to customer supply chain model minus the cost structures which are currently present in this market. is a win-win situation for farmers and consumers. This will ensure removal of cost structures of middle- men and thus give more value to consumers both in terms of quality and cost. 

Why Online Fruits, Vegetables & Groceries?

In the era of technology we have decided to provide comfort to the customers to use technology even to buy vegetables now.
Online purchase has always provided customers a peaceful and relaxed mind at your home. 
 Using Fruits & Vegetables with harmful pesticides sprayed can cause deadly diseases like infections & cancer.
 The time of going to market determines the quality as it works
ex. If a person goes to market early he gets option to choose more than person going in evening. 
 Due to the present fast life person cooking don’t get ample time to clean the vegetables thoroughly to remove hard pesticides.
All their needs are full filled &  Unnecessary purchases are avoided
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